Meet the Fleet

Learn about the different airships that make up Goodyear's current Blimp Fleet – including the new Blimp, the Spirit of Innovation and the Spirit of America. You'll also see what went into making the new Blimp and see how it compares to the GZ-20 models.
Get to know the team of people in charge of maintaining, transporting, flying and promoting Goodyear's fleet of Blimps, learn about their various roles and responsibilities and experience everything that goes into keeping these aerial ambassadors soaring high.
Take a virtual tour of Goodyear's Blimp hangar at Wingfoot Lake in Akron, Ohio, or request a visit to one of the three airship bases located across the country in: Akron, Ohio; Pompano Beach, Florida; and Carson, California.
Experience a virtual Blimp ride from the pilot's perspective and see what they see – including aerial views of major sporting events and exotic locations. You can also see what goes into launching a Goodyear Blimp and get an inside look at the cockpit of the new Blimp.
Here you'll get an in-depth look at the special components of both the new Blimp and the GZ-20 model airships that make them unique, in addition to learning about the different types of airships that Goodyear has created throughout the years.
Blimp Facts: The Fleet
The Blimp has a latching mechanism that is designed to anchor the Blimp in extremely strong winds. Should the ship somehow break its mooring, it would auto-deflate to contain the damage to the ship and prevent it from floating away.