Pilot in Charge

The Pilot-in-Charge (PIC), more than any other position, is responsible for all aspects of the airship's operation. The PIC must hold a commercial Lighter-than-Air and an instrument rating. The PIC must consider, execute and/or delegate forward planning to assure that safe weather conditions are present for operating the airship; that when necessary, travel accommodations (airports and motels) are secured and that communication among crew, airport personnel and passengers is carried out in a professional and timely manner. The PIC is ultimately responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the airship and along with the Asst. Pilot-in-Charge (APIC), supervises and directs the training and development of all other pilots, department chiefs and crew members.

The PIC is a functional business manager as well. The PIC tracks and approves budget expenditures such as maintenance expenses, travel and payroll. One of the most important jobs as PIC, aside from flying the airship, is to monitor and confirm that new pilots are prepared to safely operate the blimp. Each Goodyear blimp pilot must successfully undergo and complete a comprehensive Goodyear lighter-than-air (LTA) flight training program to show they are well prepared to successfully pass the Federal Aviation Administration requirements to obtain an LTA airship rating.

The PIC reports directly to the Director of Airship Operations.