GZ 20A

Goodyear NT

First Airship Built (Earlier Goodyear Models date back to 1919) 1971 2013
Overall Length 192 feet 246.4 feet
Max. Envelope Width 46 feet 64.6 feet
Overall Height 59.5 57.4
Internal Framework None Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Trusses
Envelope Type Dacron/Neoprene Polyester with a Tedlar film
Envelope Volume 202,700 cu.ft. 297,527 cu.ft.
Envelope Life 10-14 years 10 years+
Max. Weight 12,840 lbs. 19,780 lbs.
Max. Speed 54 mph 73 mph
Gondola Seating 7 12
Aerial LED Sign, # LED Yes; 82,656 Yes. Under development. # TBD
Static Lift* 2,530 lbs. 2,940 lbs.
Max. Dynamic Lift 800 lbs. 1100 lbs.
Total Useable Lift 3,330 lbs. 4,040 lbs.
Engines/Type 2 Pusher 3 Vectored
Engine Horsepower 210 each 200 each
Endurance** 24 hours 24-40 hours ***
Noise Level in Decibals In/Outside Gondola 110/110 64/ 69.4 ****

* Payload with 1 pilot (standard 170 lbs) and fuel (gasoline at 6 lbs. per/gallon) for 10 hours at cruise power. All figures based on standard atmospheric conditions and optimum airship design characteristics.

** Based on cruise power, maximum fuel load and optimum atmospheric conditions.

*** Maximum endurance in conjunction with optional extended range kit.

**** External noise level at 1,000 feet AGL at max. Continuous power on all engines, measurement according to ICAO Annex 16. Vol. 1, Chapter VI.

All data compiled from FAA and EASA (European) government type certificate data sheets, manufacturer’s manuals and web sites specifics. All technical data of the Goodyear NT airship refer to the Zeppelin model LZ N07-101.