Blimp Basics

Within the long-standing tradition of Goodyear Blimps have come numerous technological innovations. From the lights on the outside to the controls on the inside, this interactive tour will give you an in-depth look at these amazing airships. Begin your tour below.

Airship Types
» Airship Types

See the difference between various types of airships.

Blimp Anatomy
» Anatomy

View the exterior parts that make up a Goodyear Blimp.

Building a Blimp
» Building a Blimp

An inside look at the construction of a blimp.

Blimp Controls
» Controls

Learn about the aviation controls inside the blimp.

Electronic Sign
» Electronic Sign

View the history of the blimps' electronic sign.

Flight Scenario
» Flight Scenario

See a flight animation from takeoff to landing.

TV Camera
» TV Camera

See the technology behind the spectacular TV views.

Panoramic Blimp Tour
» Virtual Panoramic Tour

Take a virtual tour of the Spirit of America!