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New Goodyear Blimp Takes First Flight

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company’s newest blimp took to the skies Monday for its maiden flight...

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Did You Know?

What is the blimp made of?

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The Goodyear blimps in the United States are fabricated by Goodyear & Lockheed Martin. They are made of polyester fabric coated with neoprene rubber. They look shiny and metallic from a distance, but they are actually soft and flexible.

How is the ship anchored when it's on the ground?

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At the very tip of the blimp's nose is a steel ball much like an automobile trailer hitch. This ball locks onto a cup at the top of the portable mooring mast, which is taken along and set up wherever the ship is operating. The blimp is anchored to the earth only at this one point, so it is always free to rotate 360 degrees around the mast as the wind changes. This arrangement has held the blimp in hurricane-force winds on more than one occasion. The blimp will always point itself into the wind, like a weather vane.

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