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Robin Roberts to Christen New Goodyear Blimp

Robin Roberts, the award-winning co-anchor of ABC News’ “Good Morning America,” long-time ESPN sportscaster and successful author, will christen The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company’s newest blimp – Wingfoot One – on Saturday, August 23, in Suffield, Ohio. ..

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Did You Know?

What happens if the ship shuts off power to both engines?

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The pilot could fly the ship as they would a free balloon, gradually valving off helium to let the blimp down. lf just one engine is shut off, the blimp can easily fIy and maintain ballonet pressure on the other one.

What are those little round bags for?

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They are ballast bags, each filled with twenty-five pounds of lead shot. They are put in or taken out from a little compartment at the rear of the car to give a final trim before take-off. The crew chief and the pilot calculate the weight of fuel and payload (including passengers). then add or subtract shot bags as desired. Pilots usually like to take off about ''four bags down", or 100 pounds heavy.

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