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Goodyear Reveals Ten Finalists for Name the Blimp Contest

After receiving nearly 15,000 unique submissions for its national “Name the Blimp” contest, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has selected 10 finalist names for its newest blimp...

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Did You Know?

How do the pilots learn to fly blimps?

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Goodyear trains its own pilots. All Goodyear LTA pilots are also certified as instructors, and they share teaching duties when a new student is assigned to one of the operations. Goodyear only takes applications from fixed-wing or rotor craft pilots who already have commercial instrument, and multi-engine ratings. A college education is also a big bonus for an applicant.

How does the night sign work?

In category: Blimp Construction

Goodyear calls it the EagleVision, and basically it's a computer driven, electronic system which reads data and then sends out millions of commands to turn the lights on and off with different colors at the proper instant creating text and animations brilliant enough to be seen up to one mile away.

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