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The New Blimp

Wingfoot One - The New Blimp:
The new model is an LZ N07-101. Not technically a Blimp but a semi-rigid airship, the new Goodyear Blimp was born in the storied hangar at Wingfoot Lake in Akron, Ohio. It is the first ever semi-rigid airship to be constructed there.

Spirit of America

Spirit of America:
The Spirit of America is based in Carson, California, between Long Beach and downtown Los Angeles. It was christened September 5, 2002 during a ceremony in Akron, Ohio. The name of the ship was chosen as a tribute to the patriotic spirit of the United States. Performing the christening was Mrs. Letitia Driscoll, mother of NYPD Officer Stephen Driscoll, who was killed in the South Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Spirit of Innovation

Spirit of Innovation:
The Spirit of Innovation is based in Pompano Beach, Florida. It is the first Goodyear Blimp to be named by the general public through a web-based "Name-the-Blimp" contest and was christened on June 21, 2006 by Lesa France Kennedy, president of International Speedway Corporation and a member of NASCAR's Board of Directors, along with Lynn Keegan, wife of Goodyear Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Bob Keegan.

How it's Made

How It's Made Video:

Assembly of the new blimp began in March 2013 at Goodyear’s Wingfoot Lake hangar. An international team of engineers and technicians from Goodyear and Germany’s ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik worked side by side to complete the build project. Parts such as the tail fins and gondola were built in Germany and shipped to the U.S. for assembly. The balloon-like body of the airship – the “envelope” – is made of polyester with an innovative film from DuPont™ called Tedlar®, surrounding a semi-rigid internal structure, which differentiates this airship from previous Goodyear blimps.

The timelapse video shows the process from beginning to completion. Enjoy!



Date of First Flight



Overall Length

192 feet

246.4 feet

Maximum Width

50 feet

64.79 feet

Maximum Envelope Width

45.92 feet

46.45 feet

Overall Height

59.54 feet

57.57 feet

Internal Framework


Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Trusses


Envelope Material

Dacron and Neoprene

Polyurethane, Polyester and Tedlar film

Envelope Volume

202,700 cubic feet

297,527 cubic feet

Envelope Life

10-14 years

10 years+

Maximum Weight
(without Helium)

12,840 pounds

19,780 pounds

Maximum Speed

50 miles per hour

73 miles per hour


Gondola Seating1


Up to 14

Gondola Weight Empty

3,472 pounds

2,626 pounds


Number of LED Lights



Static Lift

2,530 pounds

2,940 pounds

Maximum Dynamic Lift

800 pounds

1,102 pounds

Total Usable Lift

3,330 pounds

4,042 pounds


Number and Type of Engines

2 Pusher

3 Vectored

Engine Horsepower

210 each

200 each


24 hours

24-40 hours2

Noise Level Inside and Outside of Gondola

110/110 decibels

64/69.43 decibels

1Seating configuration for the new Goodyear blimp is subject to adjustment as assignments and lift conditions vary.
2Based on cruise power, maximum fuel load and optimum atmospheric conditions. Maximum endurance is in conjunction with optional extended range kit.
3External noise level at 1,000 feet AGL at maximum continuous power on all engines. Measurement according to ICAO Annex 16, Vol. 1, Chapter VI.
All data compiled from FAA and EASA (European) government type certificate data sheets, manufacturer’s manuals and website specifics. All technical data of the New Goodyear Blimp refer to the Zeppelin model LZ N07-101.
Blimp Facts: Science & Technology
Without its lifting gas, an empty GZ20A weighs about 12,840 lbs. Once inflated with helium and after accounting for fuel, payload and ballast, it usually weighs in at 100-200 lbs.